The holidays are on their way and after the year we’ve all had, it’s a great time to spread the cheer and goodwill we all long for. Here’s some great ways to wow your neighbors this holiday and bring joy not only to those closest to you, but peace to your own soul.

1. Keep the Noise Down

One of the best ways to wow your neighbors won’t cost you a dime. Save the fancy, artificial wows and give your neighbors what they really want during the holidays: respecting noise ordinances. Get cozy with your family, enjoy relaxing activities, and remind holiday guests to be respectful as they leave late parties. Leaving loud engines running late in the night or early in the morning can make your neighbors less than jolly, so wowing your neighbors by letting them sleep.



Professional Christmas Light Installation on 2 story

2. Light things Up

Once the noise it’s down, it’s time to ramp up the cheer with a beautiful light display, that dispels the winter dark and chill. When deciding on holiday lights, remember that less is more. Keep lighting streamlined by accenting the eaves of your home. This let’s the natural beauty of the architecture shine–literally.

“Less is more and viewers want to see a property for what it is, not for what someone else has made it” –Chris Chapman

This year, more than ever simple and beautiful Christmas lights will stand out in a big way. Wow your neighbors with the simplistic wonder of small lights strung together to build a glowing light display. Whether you install them yourself or take advantage of a professional, these lights are a wonderful way to bring joy to those driving or walking by.

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3. Give them Gifts

Neighbor gifts during the holidays are a long-standing tradition that too often involves more stress than needed. Like most things, keeping it simple is more likely to be useful to those around you than over-the-top displays. Focus instead on a thoughtful message of warmth. Get the whole family involved and let kids make holiday drawings in lieu of cards. There are so many beautiful and simple gift ideas out there.

Shoveling Snow a Great Gift

4. Acts of Service

As winter fast approaches, remember that it is the small acts of service that spread the needed love we are all looking for. Rather than a marathon baking day to bring people more holiday calories, shovel an extra length of sidewalk to save your neighbor precious time. Smile when you are outside, wave as you drive by. Do the little things that help us all feel a little less alone.