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18 Nov 2021

5 Hacks to a Safer Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for joy, but we all need to have a safe holiday as well. Keeping our families safe is just as important as the joy and fun of the holidays. The last thing any of us need during this time of year is stress from an injured loved one or the hospital bill after a swift trip for stitches. Read on to learn 5 ways to keep your holiday safe. 


1. Take Care with Toys 

Christmas toy safety



Toys accounted for 150,000 Emergency-Room treated injuries in 2020. What’s the solution? Trash all toys? Not so! Go instead for age-appropriate toys that can be enjoyed safely. Be sure to use the product as intended, teach children safe ways to use their new gear, and be consistent in removing items that they attempt to use in unsafe ways. 


It can be tempting to let safety slide during the holidays thinking, “It’s a special day, I don’t want to be a downer, worrying about my kid wearing a helmet.” However, it will actually be easier to teach safety from the start, as children (like us adults) struggle to learn new rules after the fact.


Plus, with 21% of toy-related injuries coming from non-motorized scooters ALONE, when you choose safety, you’re making the holiday MORE fun. No one wants to spend Christmas in the ER! 


2. Be Wise with Holiday Baking


Cookies on cooling rack.


Is there anything that brings holiday cheer faster than your favorite holiday treat? Is there anything more Thanksgiving than Turkey? Each holiday, no matter the culture or family, has many cooking and gathering opportunities. Unfortunately, cooking fires remain the #1 cause of residential fires. So how to do it safely? 


Set a couple of timers and be sure to check in on cooking food frequently. Involving family in the process can make this fun for everyone, especially if you have a designated “Fire Marshall” helping to keep an eye on the fire. Or use a virtual personal assistant. Everyone loves saying “Alexa set a timer” She just might save you from burning the pie this year. 


Turkey fryers are especially dangerous. Never use a turkey fryer inside and always set it up in a location clear of flammable materials, away from your home, and free from dangling branches or vines. Wear protective equipment that covers the skin and can withstand hot oil. 


3. Invest in Decorating without Injuries

Christmas Light Installation

When you go to buy decorating equipment, you may think to save money by skipping the safety gear (think gloves, roof tie-on systems, proper ladders, etc). Holiday cash can get tight, and no one SEES the safety investment. They will see the lack of safety investment when something goes wrong though. Every single day of the holidays there are 160 decorating injuries. Half of these involve a fall and almost all of them are completely preventable with proper precautions. 


If decorating safely is a particular concern for you due to age, physical health, or time limitations, consider hiring out or going without. Companies like ours offer Christmas light installation on the roof eaves for affordable rates and you can be sure we take safety seriously, with professional-grade C7 LED Christmas lights, outdoor-rated extension cords, and automatic timer options that ensure Christmas lights are installed and never thought of again. We even return to take care of any problems and put them away for you


4. Water the Tree

Water live Christmas tree for Christmas safety

Live pine trees are beautiful, fragrant, and an important part of many families’ holiday celebrations. They are also responsible for 50 fires every November and December. Be sure you are purchasing trees that have been safely harvested to preserve moisture, and then keep the tree watered throughout the holiday season. You’ll also want to keep a fire extinguisher nearby your tree and any cooking area. Never leave a live tree plugged in unattended. 


Every holiday season, over 500 candles start fires and combined with Christmas tree fires result in 20 million dollars of damage. Candles are a beautiful and often symbolic part of the holidays. Like other sources of fire, be sure they are attended to and can be put out quickly. 


5. Buyer Beware


It’s age-old advice that this holiday season will be particularly relevant. With expected shipping delays, shopping shortages, and record-high inflation, many of us will be tempted to find items in less-than-ideal places. While buying from a trench-coat-wearing bloke in an alley would make most of us wary, too often we forget that online purchases come with risks as well. Beware of offers that seem “too-good” especially if other reputable stores are consistent in their prices and terms. Buy from stores that you trust, and buy early. If possible, use a program like Paypal when buying from a site you have never used in the past. 


Have a happy, safe, holiday season!

12 Nov 2021

Christmas Light Installation Process

Phone text to set up estimate

1. Call or text for a free Christmas light installation cost estimate.

Give Lighting Master a holler so we can begin work on your free estimate!

2. Review Christmas light installation estimate

We work with you to create your holiday light dreams- all while keeping your budget in mind. We will also create a plan for things like automatic timer set-up and light take-down.

Estimate for Christmas light installation on home
Relax and enjoy Christmas Light Installation

3. Sit back and enjoy!

Let us take care of the hassle of lighting up your home for the holidays. Relax and enjoy the holidays this season!

4. We install professional-grade LEDs

We install commercial-grade supplies and materials to ensure durability and superior appearance. By using C7 LED light bulbs, you might even save a little on your lighting bill.

Sketch of Davis County Utah Christmas light install
Automatic holiday light timer sketch

5. We set automatic timers

We ensure that your Christmas seasonal lights are completely hassle free by offering automatic timers to control when lights turn on and off. You’ll never have to remember whether you’ve flipped a switch or go out into the freezing weather to connect a plug again.

6. We Fix Any Problems

One of the greatest problems with hanging your own Christmas lights is that you have to deal with getting lights up and running. Between broken light bulbs, finding electrical shortages and issues, and heading to the local hardware store three different times to get supplies that you purchased last year, it’s more headache than savings.  We guarantee that any broken bulbs or problems will be fixed, just give us a call!

Broken lightbulb from Christmas lights
Light Take-down is included sketch

7. We Do Take Down

There is a reason why many of your neighbors wait until May to take their Christmas lights down. Getting out in the cold weather of late winter or early spring is difficult for everyone. You can be sure your home won’t be the eyesore on the block that still has Christmas lights up for Easter. We provide light removal at no extra charge and always guarantee your lights will be gone before you know it. No need to waste a New Year’s Resolution on decoration removal!

8. We Pack and Store

No more tangled lines or storage issues, we carefully pack and store the lights for you!

Box for storing Christmas lights

9. Everything Will be Ready for Next Year!

Let us handle everything and your lights and set-up will be ready and waiting for next year. Plus, returning customers get a discount! What more could you ask for?

01 Nov 2021

4 Ways to Wow Your Neighbors this Holiday

The holidays are on their way and after the year we’ve all had, it’s a great time to spread the cheer and goodwill we all long for. Here’s some great ways to wow your neighbors this holiday and bring joy not only to those closest to you, but peace to your own soul.

1. Keep the Noise Down

One of the best ways to wow your neighbors won’t cost you a dime. Save the fancy, artificial wows and give your neighbors what they really want during the holidays: respecting noise ordinances. Get cozy with your family, enjoy relaxing activities, and remind holiday guests to be respectful as they leave late parties. Leaving loud engines running late in the night or early in the morning can make your neighbors less than jolly, so wowing your neighbors by letting them sleep.



Professional Christmas Light Installation on 2 story

2. Light things Up

Once the noise it’s down, it’s time to ramp up the cheer with a beautiful light display, that dispels the winter dark and chill. When deciding on holiday lights, remember that less is more. Keep lighting streamlined by accenting the eaves of your home. This let’s the natural beauty of the architecture shine–literally.

“Less is more and viewers want to see a property for what it is, not for what someone else has made it” –Chris Chapman

This year, more than ever simple and beautiful Christmas lights will stand out in a big way. Wow your neighbors with the simplistic wonder of small lights strung together to build a glowing light display. Whether you install them yourself or take advantage of a professional, these lights are a wonderful way to bring joy to those driving or walking by.

Get a free quote for Christmas light installation.

3. Give them Gifts

Neighbor gifts during the holidays are a long-standing tradition that too often involves more stress than needed. Like most things, keeping it simple is more likely to be useful to those around you than over-the-top displays. Focus instead on a thoughtful message of warmth. Get the whole family involved and let kids make holiday drawings in lieu of cards. There are so many beautiful and simple gift ideas out there.

Shoveling Snow a Great Gift

4. Acts of Service

As winter fast approaches, remember that it is the small acts of service that spread the needed love we are all looking for. Rather than a marathon baking day to bring people more holiday calories, shovel an extra length of sidewalk to save your neighbor precious time. Smile when you are outside, wave as you drive by. Do the little things that help us all feel a little less alone.


12 Mar 2021

Three Steps to a Healthy Lawn & Garden Year-round with Sprinkler Master Repair

When it comes to choosing a sprinkler or lawn care provider, your choice doesn’t need to be stressful or difficult. In fact, it can be the easiest decision of your life. Life, however, is all about choices. You know that, and so do we. Fortunately, some decisions are better than others; that’s just how life works. You can make the right choice today with any one of the many locations that the Sprinkler Master Repair franchise has to offer. A growing business over the last decade, Sprinkler Master Repair is dedicated to meeting your needs. We see you as more than a dollar sign or a customer — but as a person.

Being treated as a person means that we’re here to care for your lawn care needs year-round. As a company and as a franchise, no matter where you are, we’re here to help. Each of our unique locations can help you love your lawn again. From Idaho to California, or a few places in between, find a Sprinkler Master near you today here! We service the following states and counties/cities:year-round sprinkler service






No matter where you find yourself, Sprinkler Master Repair can help. Specifically, with three main frameworks for a healthy lawn any year and under any climate. Those three tenets are Fertilization, Irrigation, and proper Maintenance/Management. While some locations may vary with a lawn care need, know that you can find a Sprinkler Master location anywhere near you here.

1. Proper Fertilization

A key to any healthy lawn and a good general rule of thumb is that you put out what you put in. Taking care of a lawn doesn’t need to be overly complicated, but unfortunately, it can be at times. That’s why we’re here to help! Two reasons why most people don’t fertilize or fertilize the wrong way boils down to not knowing what kind to get, and not knowing how to. We’re going to clear some things up right now! Depending on where you live and what climate you reside in, it’s generally best to fertilize your lawn mid-to-late spring. As soon as the grass starts to turn a shade green again, and flowers start to bloom, that’s the jackpot. For a bit more definition, check out this Popular Mechanics article!

Now that we’ve covered the when — let’s talk about the how of fertilizing. How do you know what fertilizer to use? What fertilizer is best for your particular climate or grass-type? Does fertilizer even matter in the first place? There’s an answer to all those things, and we’ve got ’em! Like a lot of everything else, fertilizers come in all different shapes, styles, and purposes. We break things down below:

  • Want to know what lawn fertilizers to get for cool-season turf? Click here!
  • Thinking about using inorganic fertilizers? Click here!
  • Considering organic fertilizers? Check this out!
  • Want your other fertilizer questions answered? Head here!

Sprinkler Head Work

2. All Things Irrigation

Irrigation is defined as “the artificial application of water to land to assist in the production of crops.” In essence, your irrigation techniques are only as good as your sprinkler system. However, proper irrigation is broken down into four methods. Proper Irrigation Management is detailed on a surface, sprinkler, drip, and sub-surface level. While that may seem complicated, to a Sprinkler Master; it’s not! A general rule of thumb no matter where you live is to water deep. A lawn has more opportunity to grow and be healthy with longer, infrequent watering sessions. Instead of watering 10 minutes for 4-5 days a week, water for 45 minutes 2-3 days a week. The more moments you allow water to infiltrate deep into the root system the better.

Do you still have some questions about irrigation or sprinkler systems? Sprinkler Master Repair can help with that! Get in touch with any of our franchise locations. We can help you with sprinkler installation, irrigation repairs, fixing broken sprinkler heads, winterization, and anything else in between! Check out some other irrigation tips below:

  • For basic watering tips and tricks, click here.
  • Water Conservation tips in Nevada, here.
  • Conservation in California.
  • Saving Water in Idaho, here.
  • Water Conservation and Use in Colorado.
  • Conservation in Utah, here.

3. Lawn Maintenance and Management

The everyday “things” of life are only as good as their sustained and maintained. This is also a true principle for your lawn and lawn care needs. However, maintenance can be hard! If you hire a company, once the work is done, you’re on your own. Who or what do you turn to for help and guidance? In a world full of best practices and how-to guides, a Sprinkler Master can help you today, every day. Find a location nearest to you, and get the help you need for a healthy lawn and garden year-round!

A Sprinkler Master Repair location can help you with the following services:

  • Installation
  • Shifting Sprinkler Zone Coverage
  • General Landscaping Needs
  • Fixing Automatic Sprinkler Timers
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Solenoid Assistance
  • Irrigation Repairs
  • Winterization
  • Sprinkler Valve Replacement
  • And More!

Sprinkler Services year-roundFor more regional lawn and garden care tips, check out the following links:


When you need assistance in getting a healthy lawn & garden year-round, know that you can turn to Sprinkler Master Repair. Wherever you are and however you need us, we’ll be ready. Are you ready for a better lawn care experience? Get in touch with any Sprinkler Master Repair location today and see why and how we “install the best and repair the rest!”

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11 Sep 2020

Strengthening Tree Roots with Sprinkler Master Repair


Sprinkler Master Logo


Strengthening Tree Roots with Sprinkler Master Repair

With recent strong winds in the western states, it uprooted many trees. Many of the trees could have been saved if they were watered properly.

The main cause of trees and shrubbery to be uprooted is a lack of deep-watering. Trees and shrubs carry a deeper root system than normal turf-grass and need to be watered less frequently day to day, but with longer periods of time in between. Moist soil depth should be anywhere between 18-20 inches for most trees and shrubs. Click here to understand more about the importance of a deep root system for your garden, shrubbery, and trees.   

As a franchise, Sprinkler Master Repair is here to help you with quality, timely service no matter where you reside. Contact us today on our website to find a Sprinkler Master near you or to schedule an appointment for a variety of our exceptional services — including the installation of a smart watering timer to deepen root systems. Given the current circumstances, our technicians go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction with every job. 

For more information about the services we have to offer, click any of the links below:


The Sprinkler Master Repair Franchise is built to meet your needs. With years of experience, we always put the customer first while providing quality sprinkler parts and products with satisfaction always guaranteed. At every Sprinkler Master Repair location, we install the best and repair the rest.