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06 Jun 2018

Tip # 1 Aeration

Follow our 6 tips to have the best looking lawn on the block this summer!

Aerate your lawn – Aerating your lawn in the spring is an essential step for having a great lawn this summer. Aerating your lawn allows essential nutrients and water to get down to the roots.

Want to do it yourself? Check out this video to learn how!




Here’s the equipment you’ll need:




Don’t have time for a DIY? These businesses can give you a hand.





23 Dec 2017

Sprinkler Master wishes you a very merry Christmas!

Here are a few of our favorite Christmas facts!

  1. In the U.S. alone, over three billion Christmas cards are sent each year. (1)
  2. According to legend, Martin Luther was the first person to decorate a christmas tree. After seeing the stars shine through the branches of a fir tree, he brought one home and decorated it with candles to recreate it for his children. (1)
  3. 30-35 million living Christmas trees are sold each year. (1)
  4. 28 sets of LEGO are sold every second during the holiday season. (1)
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21 Dec 2017

Sprinkler Master’s Guide to Picking Out The Perfect Christmas Tree

It just isn’t Christmas without the Christmas Tree. And a dry, dead tree surrounded by gifts and laden with ornaments isn't right either. Check out our guide to picking out a fresh, healthy tree this holiday season.

Here are a few tips from the experts on picking out the perfect tree.


  1. Gently pull on the needles of the tree you are looking at. They should be firmly attached to the branch.
  2. You can check the freshness of the tree by bending a needle between your fingers. If the tree is a fir, it should snap in half. If it is a pine, it should bend and not break.
  3. Look for a tree that has even coloring. Trees that vary in color tend to be drying out.
  4. Keep in mind that fir and pines hold needles best.
  5. After you take your tree home, be sure to freshen the trunk. Cut about a half an inch off the bottom of the trunk, which will allow for the tree to absorb more water, and stay fresh for longer. Be sure to keep your tree nice and watered in order to keep it green and healthy. (1, 2)


Happy Holidays from Sprinkler Master!



2. https://livewellutah.org/2016/11/25/ask-an-expert-christmas-tree-selection-and-care/

01 Aug 2017

Build Your Own Wooden Pallet Herb Garden

What a fun DIY! Growing your own herbs has never been easier than it is with this cool trick from www.herbgardendesigns.com. This project combines recycling with decorating and gardening for a beautiful end result. Make one yourself by following these simple steps:

  1. First, you have to find yourself a wooden pallet that is in a good condition. Once you already have one, you will just fix loose parts and you maybe rub sandpaper to smoothen rough surfaces of your wooden pallet.
  2. You will need to cover the bottom, back, and both sides of the wooden pallet with landscape fabric. Fold the landscape fabric twice or thrice just according to the size of your wooden pallet plus a few inches more. Once you have done folding the landscape fabric, you can now start stapling the fabric at the back, bottom, and both sides of the wooden pallet. You will have to leave the topportion and the spaces between the slats, since that is where you are going to plant your herbs later on. Make sure that you are going to securely staple the landscape fabric to your wooden pallet.
  3. Lay the pallet down the floor facing up. Once it is already on the floor, slowly fill your wooden pallet with potting mix. After filling it with potting mix, you can now start planting herbs in between slats.
  4. Once you have completed planting your herbs on your wooden pallet, you will have to leave it there horizontally for a couple of weeks to give your herbs enough time to form sturdy and strong root systems. After a couple of weeks, you can now set it upright.When you’re finished creating your own vertical herb garden, give Dr. Sprinkler Repair a call. Plants needs water; Dr. Sprinkler Repair can and will deliver!