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06 Jun 2018

Tip #3 Eliminating Weeds

Follow our 6 tips to have the best looking lawn on the block this summer!

Tip #3: Eliminate weeds as soon as they crop up – Nothing can ruin a good looking lawn faster than weeds scarring your beautiful lawn. As soon as you see them appear, take care of them immediately. 


Need a hand with eliminating weeds? Give these guys a call.






Feel like DIY? This article can help!





06 Jun 2018

Tip #2 Fertilize

Follow our 6 tips to have the best looking lawn on the block this summer!

Tip #2: Fertilize your lawn – Fertilizer adds important nutrients that your soil lacks, so ask your local store what fertilizer is best for your area. Fertilizing will make a big difference in helping your lawn grow greener and healthier.

Do it yourself! https://www.scotts.com/en-us/library/lawn-food/how-fertilize-lawn


And here are the tools you’ll need to do it!



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06 Jun 2018

Tip # 1 Aeration

Follow our 6 tips to have the best looking lawn on the block this summer!

Aerate your lawn – Aerating your lawn in the spring is an essential step for having a great lawn this summer. Aerating your lawn allows essential nutrients and water to get down to the roots.

Want to do it yourself? Check out this video to learn how!




Here’s the equipment you’ll need:




Don’t have time for a DIY? These businesses can give you a hand.