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Who is Sprinkler Master?

Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment. All employees wear a company uniform.

Are your workers Certified?

We have the highest percentage of certified technicians in the country.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed. We hold all the required and necessary licenses for a sprinkler company.

What clients do you work for?

Anyone who truly wants a nice landscape and knows the true value of caring for a beautiful home and property.

How do I maintain my sprinkler system?

“Frequently Asked Questions.” Rain Bird. N.p., n.d. Web.http://www.rainbird.com/homeowner/education/faq.htm

How do I choose the right contractor to fix/install my automatic sprinkler system?

When it comes to hiring a sprinkler technician it is not all about price. Sprinkler Master does thousands of jobs every year and has the experience, knowledge, and is a company that you can trust.

Will I use less water with an automatic sprinkler system?

Yes, an automatic sprinkler system will save you water. When a automatic irrigation system is efficiently designed, it will give your landscape the right amount of water that it needs at the right time. Plus, with a Rain Bird rain shut off sensor your system will know when it is raining and simply turn itself off when water is not needed.

Can I do it myself and install an automatic sprinkler system?

Yes, you can install an automatic sprinkler system on your own. Before you begin it is important that you do your homework and consult with sprinkler supply stores as well as local nurseries for information on what tools you will need and which sprinkler parts are high quality.

Depending on the size of your property, installing a system could take you a few weeks to complete. Sprinkler Master can save you time by having your sprinkler irrigation system installed in just a few days. At Sprinkler Master we use high quality parts and have the knowledge to design your system specifically for your yard.

“Always consult local plumbing and electrical codes. Most municipalities require a backflow preventer to prevent the flow of irrigation water into the main drinking water supply. It is better to know the code requirements before you begin the installation to avoid costly mistakes.” (http://www.rainbird.com/homeowner/education/faq.htm)

How much will a good quality sprinkler system cost?

Many factors will determine how much your sprinkler system will cost. The size of your property, the number of zones, and the products and parts used for your system are all big factors that determine the price of your sprinkler irrigation system. It is not just the price to use as your deciding factor of which contractor to go with. Contractors that cut down on the price might cut corners in order to reduce their price. Sprinkler Master uses the highest quality parts and thoroughly understands the ins and outs of a sprinkler system.

Will I save time by having an automatic sprinkler system?

Yes, your irrigation sprinkler system will save you time so you can spend it with those you love most. You don’t even have to worry about your lawn or flowers drying up while you are on vacation.

How do I operate a sprinkler system?

Sprinkler Master wants our customers to be able to operate their timer efficiently. We can walk you through your system and help you understand how to use it. There are a wide selection of sprinkler timers/controllers. The newest controllers are Smart controllers that will adjust automatically based upon your weather, temperature and rainfall and can be accessed by your phone.

When to winterize your sprinkler system?

  1. The first week of October is a great time in Northern United States to shut of the sprinkler system to prevent damage.

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When soil temperatures reach around 40°f – 50°f, lawns will begin going into dormancy. Lawns will start going a greenish yellow and will stay that way till spring. According to Central sod farms (1), Inc. the lawn/grass does this to preserve energy.

Why winterize my lawn sprinklers?

Every sprinkler system needs to be winterized. Getting your lawn sprinkler system winterized for the cold weather in the Northern United States is crucial for keeping your lawn irrigation system ready for spring and summer next year. This will help with costs of sprinkler repair. To winterize the water must be blown out of your lawn sprinkler system to prevent freezing.

When water is expanded by 10% as it freezes this energy has to go somewhere and it will crack the hardest of materials. Ice will break any part on a sprinkler system including steel pipes and backflow devices, causing a lot of damage and costing money in the spring for sprinkler repair work.  Water can move a 10-15 ton of rocks and a 3 inch solid steel ship hull when frozen. Your sprinkler system has no chance with this amount of power (2). That is why you need to remove water in your lawn sprinkler system in the Northern United States.

Here at Sprinkler Master in the Northern United States, we are professional sprinkler technicians. All we do is repair sprinklers, and the majority of sprinkler repair is caused by sprinklers not being winterized, or not doing it properly.

How do I winterize a sprinkler system?

Can you do it yourself or have a friend do it? Yes, with the proper tools, and knowledge. The majority of sprinkler repair in the Northern United States comes from sprinkler systems not being blown out correctly.

The right tools:

The major key when winterizing a sprinkler system is having a large volume of air go through the system.  To do this the common person needs to rent an air compressor for around the same price as Sprinkler Master charges to come do it for you. We are licensed, insured and backup our work. Most sprinkler systems cost around $60 to winterize.

Can I use my home or small air compressor?  When people use their small air compressor almost always it does not work and will take most of your day up. You need around 80-100 cfm (3), an average residential air compressor does 2 cfm. Blowing it out with a small compressor is taking a big risk(4).  To blowout your system it does not matter if your air compress goes up to 100-200 psi you will need air volume and psi to push all the water out of the sprinkler pipes (5).

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