We Repair Lawn Sprinklers!
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At Sprinkler Master, we strive to be fair and honest, and charge the average rate for the local area for a qualified sprinkler technician.  In each area, cost will vary depending upon geographical location. Where sprinkler repair is a seasonal business, the cost may fluctuate with supply and demand. Click Here to find pricing for your location!


We charge time and materials for sprinkler repair jobs, because we do not know the extent of the problem. Bidding for a repair job would either cost the homeowner extra money, or the company would lose money and go under.  By charging per man hour we feel this is a win-win for us and the customer.

Will I be charged more for having two guys?

Yes, and no. Let me explain. Yes, we charge per man that works on your property. However, your total bill will be the same or less than if we only had one technician there.

Your total bill will usually be less with two guys on the job, because we believe in synergy. Synergy becoming more efficient at a task when you work with someone else, thus achieving much more that you could ever have alone. Workhorses are a perfect example:

One workhorse can pull 8000 lbs alone. (1)

Two workhorses can pull more than double what 1 can do at 20,000 pounds.

Two workhorses that work together can pull 32,000. That’s 4x  as much! That is Synergy!

Most of our sprinkler technicians have worked with one another for 100’s of hours and created  excellent synergy together. When they work together, they have excellent effectiveness and a system of check and balance to help them be quick and efficient to make quality sprinkler repairs.


For sprinkler system installation, we’ll give you a call and get an idea of what you want. Then, we’ll use special software to analyze your yard and determine the size of the sprinkler system in conjunction with the water line size and pressure at the area. Once we have this in mind, we can give you a call with a quote.


In cold climates, sprinkler winterizations are a must in order to protect your system from the elements. Prices generally start at $130 and vary per location. To find out how much it is for your area, click here to get in touch with your local technician.

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