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Sprinkler System Quick Overview

Welcome to Sprinkler Master. In order for you to better understand what is needed to take care of a sprinkler system, we have provided you a quick overview of how a sprinkler system works and the various parts that make the system function. If you wish to learn more, we have a more detailed overview here.

  • Stop/Waste
    • The stop and waste is the main shut off valve for the sprinkler system. It starts or stops water from entering the system.
  • Backflow Preventer
    • These are required in most cities if you are using potable (drinking) water in the sprinkler system. The backflow preventer stops water from flowing backwards through the system and potentially contaminating the main water supply.
  • Main Line
    • The main line is typically 1 ¼” and it’s purpose is to carry water from the stop and waste to the backflow preventer and then to the valve manifold.
  • Valve Manifold
    • The purpose of the valve manifold is to divert water from the main line to the individual valves.
  • Valves
    • Valves are like the heart of the sprinkler system. They open and close to allow water into the lateral lines.
  • Lateral Lines
    • Lateral lines carry water from the valves to the sprinkler heads.
  • Funny Pipe
    • A funny pipe is a flexible tube that connects a sprinkler head to the lateral line. It is flexible in order to place the sprinkler in the desired location easily.
  • Sprinkler Heads
    • There are several styles of sprinkler heads that each have different functions.  Their main function is to spray water from the sprinkler lines out to the yard.
  • Controllers and Timers
    • The timer is like the brain of the sprinkler system.  From the timer you can program what days and times you want the sprinkler system to operate.
  • Wiring
    • The wires carry the electrical signal from the timer to the valves.