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Can my Broken Sprinkler be Wasting Water?

Water in the Morning

 This is when less water can evaporate and there is less wind so it will not carry away the sprinkler's spray as much. This lets the water get deeper into the earth which helps it reach all the way down to the plant’s roots. Letting you water less often and save even more water.

Use sprinklers that adapt to weather conditions

Make sure your sprinklers use only the amount of water needed for precipitation--just enough to get through all the grass blades and into its root zone (the area where it absorbs moisture). Call us today to set up your Spring startup to give your lawn the best chance this summer. 

Water until runoff occurs

To know if sprinklers are wasting water, circle the sprinkler zone with a sprinkler can or use a hose to see how much water is landing on the turf beyond the zone being watered. If you don't have enough time to test, run the sprinkler zone for about one hour. Or better yet call us to install a smart timer today. 

Can Someone Ensure My Sprinkler System is Working Correctly?

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Do I Need to Turn Off my Sprinkler When It Rains?

If sprinklers don't turn off automatically, manually shut them down before it starts raining so that they do not continue watering and causing runoff into streets or gutters which will lead to sprinkler system malfunctions. We can install a smart timer for you which would automatically shut off when the rain starts to fall, saving you the hassle, and worry of flooding. Not to mention they regulate how often to run your sprinklers for you.

Use Sprinklers Only When Necessary

Water your lawn so that it can stand up to weather conditions and survive without needing supplemental watering while you're away on vacation or the weekend. Consider letting the grass grow a little higher so that it can conserve water and thrive with less watering. Did you know that letting the Sprinkler Master Pros do a check-up on your system ensures you aren't unnecessarily watering?

Do I Want my Sprinklers to Mist or Spray?

They emit larger drops so they don't evaporate as quickly, meaning more moisture stays around long enough to soak into grassroots instead of disappearing into thin air. If you are looking to install new, repair, or upgrade your sprinkler system give Sprinkler Master a call today. Our team of technicians has been trained to provide the highest quality service to our customers.