Strengthening Tree Roots with Sprinkler Master Repair


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Strengthening Tree Roots with Sprinkler Master Repair

With recent strong winds in the western states, it uprooted many trees. Many of the trees could have been saved if they were watered properly.

The main cause of trees and shrubbery to be uprooted is a lack of deep-watering. Trees and shrubs carry a deeper root system than normal turf-grass and need to be watered less frequently day to day, but with longer periods of time in between. Moist soil depth should be anywhere between 18-20 inches for most trees and shrubs. Click here to understand more about the importance of a deep root system for your garden, shrubbery, and trees.   

As a franchise, Sprinkler Master Repair is here to help you with quality, timely service no matter where you reside. Contact us today on our website to find a Sprinkler Master near you or to schedule an appointment for a variety of our exceptional services — including the installation of a smart watering timer to deepen root systems. Given the current circumstances, our technicians go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction with every job. 

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