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31 Jan 2019

Snow Mold Can Hurt Your Lawn

Snow molds are usually small and circular. They will have a variety of colors as the mold matures from grey, brown, to the mature stage of dark red or even black. To know for sure if it is snow mold,  take a sample into your county extension,  where they can give you a proper diagnosis.

Stopping Snow Mold on Turf Grass

Fall preparation:  Don’t put down fertilizer on your lawn after the 1st frost comes in the fall. Putting down fertilizer too late will feed to mold, not the grass. For the best prevention apply fungicides in mid-fall before the frost.    

Keep Grass longer the last cut of your lawn in the fall should be 20% higher than when you normally cut the lawn. Make sure the lawn is clean of debris like dead leaves.

Spring preparation: break up large amounts of snow that are having trouble melting.

Having a great offense or a healthy lawn is the best defenses, having a healthy lawn with a great soil ph level will help to prevent snow mold. To have your soil checked for the ph level area check us out here.


Other things that can cause damage to your lawn.

Website Links:  

  1. State-by-State List of Soil Testing Labs at Cooperative Extension Offices
  2. How to Prevent Lawn & Grass Diseases


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06 Jun 2018

Tip #4 Mow in a Pattern

Follow our 6 tips to have the best looking lawn on the block this summer!

Tip #4: Mow in a pattern – Mowing your lawn in a pattern can add a great finishing touch to your lush, green lawn. There are several different patterns you can try, and here are a few examples:

lawn patterns








Here’s some tips for DIY!



Don’t feel like DIY? These guys can help!



06 Jun 2018

Tip #3 Eliminating Weeds

Follow our 6 tips to have the best looking lawn on the block this summer!

Tip #3: Eliminate weeds as soon as they crop up – Nothing can ruin a good looking lawn faster than weeds scarring your beautiful lawn. As soon as you see them appear, take care of them immediately. 


Need a hand with eliminating weeds? Give these guys a call.






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06 Jun 2018

Tip #2 Fertilize

Follow our 6 tips to have the best looking lawn on the block this summer!

Tip #2: Fertilize your lawn – Fertilizer adds important nutrients that your soil lacks, so ask your local store what fertilizer is best for your area. Fertilizing will make a big difference in helping your lawn grow greener and healthier.

Do it yourself! https://www.scotts.com/en-us/library/lawn-food/how-fertilize-lawn


And here are the tools you’ll need to do it!



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