Rotor sprinkler heads are quite common today. That’s why Sprinkler Master Repair is going to help you solve your own problems when it comes to these types of sprinklers. It’ll be important to understand and distinguish the components that make up a rotor sprinkler before diving into fixing problems. At any Sprinkler Master Repair location, we’ll be able to help solve and fix any sprinkler repairs or issues you may have! Click here to find a Sprinkler Master Repair service nearest to you!

A Rotor Sprinklers Purpose

Rotor head Sprinkler Master Repair

This gear-driven sprinkler head pops up out of the ground and uses internal gears that rotate the head back and forth. The rotor sprinkler head uses water pressure that pushes the head out of the ground, as well as rotates the gears. Water comes in through the bottom of the head, then comes out through the nozzle toward the top. The nozzle is a small, interchangeable, cylindrical object with a hole in the middle than can fluctuate in size, depending on how much water you need to come out. The side of the shaft that moves up and down contains the nozzle.

Springs are then used to help lift the shaft up and down when water pressure is applied. By simply unscrewing the top, the shaft can be replaced or repaired. Rotor sprinklers are also unique because the nozzle can also be removed by unscrewing the screw directly above it. Spray distance is adjusted by turning a screw located directly above the nozzle, while rotation distance is adjusted by turning a screw on the top of the head, opposite the nozzle. Most nozzles, as well as the rotation, can be adjusted with a small flat screwdriver.

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Names of Parts:

Pro and Cons:

Rotor sprinklers are typically very resilient. They can be used on culinary or secondary water because of the filter built into the bottom of the head. However, Orbit heads turn radius can only be opened more counterclockwise, while Rainbird’s turn radius can only be adjusted clockwise. Because of this, the whole head must be turned to match the turn radius on the stationary side.

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Common Problems:

The gears can wear out making them not turn, or only turn one way. Over time, they can get stepped on, ran over, chewed on, or cracked. If the water pressure is not good enough they will not spray very far, or even pop up. Adjustment screws can come out or they may no longer adjust the head. The nipple or fitting they are attached to can break or crack, or the pipe leading up to the head, or the actual head can clog with debris.

How to Diagnosis Problems:

If water is bubbling up from underneath the fitting or pipe, connected to the head is broken. As the head is not popping up out of the ground, it is either clogged, or there is not enough pressure. If the head is not shooting very far, the nozzle is too big or there might not be enough water pressure.

How to Install/Repair:

If the head is broken, or will not adjust, it is easiest to replace the whole head, though they can also be repaired. The pipe or fitting leading up to the pipe might be broken, and if it is, it may need to be repaired or replaced. If the sprinkler head is not popping up or shooting very far, check the rest of the heads on the system to see if they are doing the same. In the case that none of the heads are coming up or shooting very far, check the flow control on the valve. If it is up, you can replace all of the nozzles with smaller nozzles. If that doesn’t work, the zone may need to be split.

Tips and Tricks:

Always try to use smaller nozzles instead of bigger ones to conserve water pressure. It’s not wise to use Impact or pop up heads with rotor gear heads, as they all water at different rates. Carry both a rainbird flat screwdriver and an orbit alan wrench tool when going to work on gear heads; you may never know when you need either.

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